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Our 2016 GP will be held on the first weekend of July, coinciding with the park festivities as usual. It will be on the Efra calendar as International Race. However the format will be the same as before and an Efra licence is not required.


New for 2016: it was brought to our attention that Efra rules demand that all participants are affiliated to one of Efra’s National Federations (by end of June). Contact us if you have any questions regarding this requirement.



Control tyre for driven axles: Schumacher mini spike 2, all types all compounds.


Additionally for the 4WD front wheels the Schumacher Wide Stagger Rib (all compounds) will be allowed



Entries will be open  from the 8th of February until the end of February.


By sending your name and class(es) raced to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken., you can apply for a place.


Everyone can apply, even without personal invitation.


You will receive a confirmation for the entry list or reserve list after the end of February. Payment details will be in that mail. Do not send any payment before this confirmation with payment request.

Entry fees are still the same: 30 euros for 1 class or 50 euros for 2 classes.